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"8th Kildare Maynooth Scouts" in essence is "Scouting Ireland Maynooth" as far as the law goes. That means that we are a branch of Scouting Ireland and follow all of its policies and procedures. We hold a annual charter from Scouting Ireland and this is checked on renewal for compliance

About Scouting Ireland Policies

Child Protection Policies

The Scouting Ireland code of good practice covers the responsibilities of Adult Scouters around child protection, dealing with disruptive behavior, medications, use of technology, bullying, transport, overnight activities, substance abuse, accident & incident reporting, etc. It declares that Scouting Ireland has an obligation to all its members to provide an environment within which Scouting activities can be enjoyed in a safe, non-discriminatory, and respectful manner.

Training & Vetting Adult Scouters

Adult Scouters are vetted by the Gardaí before beginning their volunteer work with Scouting Ireland. They are trained in the child protection policies and in Scouting skills and methods.

Medical Issues

Your local Adult Scouters will be happy to discuss your child’s medical issues. There is some paperwork - Scouters need to know what your child’s needs are so they can enjoy Scouting safely.

What can you do to Help?

Keep the Scouters informed of medical issues, allergies, children’s worries, bullying etc. For example, it is OK to keep your young Scout home from a camp if they’re not well enough to attend.

Ask the Scouters about any concerns you may have in advance of an activity.

Having the right equipment in the outdoors is important. There is a cost to kitting out a Scout with sturdy hiking boots, a three-season sleeping bag, good roll-mat, appropriately sized rucksack, rain gear etc but your Group may run a second-hand box, some items can be borrowed, shops offer Scout discounts, and gear can be gradually built up. Most of it will be used by your child for years to come and anything that keeps them safe, dry, and warm is worth it. Encourage them not to over-pack. Every Scouter has seen a child struggle to carry their overloaded bag. Not sure what they need? Ask other members of the group, scouter or otherwise.

Pack, or help your Scout to pack, a healthy lunchbox. Treats are fun but won’t give them the long-lasting energy they need to tackle a mountain hike or day on the waves. They will learn about the right foods to bring in Scouts, but they may need encouragement to remember those guidelines.

Get outdoors with your child. Let them show you what they’ve learned.

The best way to see Scouting safety in action is to come along to any open events or sign up to become a scouter – then you can learn along with your child.

Finance Manual
We follow best practices in financial management

About Maynooth Scouts.

Leader Team

There are 32 Scouters (leaders) in the Group. They are divided over the sections and group management:

Beaver Team

Gina is our section leader/main point of contact. Adam, Johnny, Anne and are our Beaver team

Cub Team

Graham is our section leader/main point of contact. Deirdre, Charlotte, Tadhgh, Laura, Karol, Kyran and Joanne are our Cub team

Scout Team

Hazel is our section leader/main point of contact. Andy, Johnny, Sinead, Callum and Steven are our Scout Team

Venture Team

Phillip is our section leader/main point of contact. Deirdre, Kyran, Josh and Nadine are our Venture Team

Rover Team

Group Management

Deirdre is the Group Leader and so in charge of the Group.
Adam is the Group Treasurer and looks after all financial aspects of the Group