Venture Camp Day three

So, last day of finding camping and the teams are getting ever closer to their final destination of lahinch,
After walking close to a marathon on Tuesday the blue team completed a weary five km to get to doolin. After a run in with a big wave they found camping in the grounds of a hostel which means that dry clothes are a possibility for the last day-17 km left and they can finally say goodbye to rucsacs for a few days!

The green team continued with their plan of breaking the route up evenly and completed 22km to arrive outside if kilfenora. After a false start at a "tractor factory" they yet again made friends with a local farmer who offered them tea and somewhere to stay. The team were in high spirits when met by the leaders and looking forward to only having to walk 8 km on day four ,
Their leaders have also been enjoying driving around, finding the teams and being tourists for a few days, the peace was nice while it lasted.


8th Kildare Maynooth Scouts /